The opportunity

By 2020, the number of people directly employed in offshore wind in the UK alone could surpass those at the height of North Sea oil and gas production.  In a high ambition scenario, up to 185,000 high quality jobs could be directly or indirectly created in the UK, driven by the skills being developed in world class colleges and universities.

By 2022, over 8000 km of high voltage offshore transmission lines could be laid across the northern seas region – creating thousands of jobs, linking electricity markets, boosting the potential for trade and connecting offshore energy to where the demand is.

By 2035, the global cumulative investment in offshore wind could reach up to €490 billion.  The manufacturing centres, skills base and technologies developed through offshore wind deployment in Europe’s northern seas will put companies from the region in a prime position to capitalise from this market opportunity.

By 2050, the electricity equivalent of 1 billion barrels of oil could be generated annually in UK waters alone, matching North Sea oil and gas production.  This would save 1.1 billion tonnes of CO2 emissions, helping to keep Europe on track for its 2050 climate targets.