What we do

The goal of the norstec network is to maximise the potential of the abundant offshore renewable energy resources in Europe’s northern seas, so that:

  • By 2020, large-scale deployment of offshore wind inEurope’s northern seas is fully underway, making a major contribution to the region’s energy security and economic development
  • Offshore renewables in Europe’s northern seas become the largest new source of competitive sustainable energy to 2030 and beyond
  • The expertise, skills, and technologies developed in the region can be exported as offshore renewables are constructed in markets across the world.

To succeed in achieving these outcomes, we will need:

  • Innovation throughout the sector to push forward technological development, creating competitive and well-established supply chains which bring down costs and enable economic sustainability
  • Collaboration between academia, industry and investors to promote technology standardisation and to develop a highly-skilled and well-trained workforce, and cooperation between countries around the northern seas to link markets together and share resources
  • Commitment by industry participants and governments to create a favourable investment environment, including a continued stable and supportive political context underpinned by formal policies and challenging targets which promote development of the offshore renewables sector.

Through collaboration and information-sharing, norstec will ensure that the benefits offered by vast clean energy potential in the northern seas are fully realised. It will promote the development of all forms of marine energy, initially focusing on the development of offshore wind.  We will do this by delivering an agreed measurable plan of activity which will:

  • Communicate the scale of the opportunity and the benefits of clean energy in Europe’s northern seas to the public and the business and political spheres;
  • Identify and constructively promote the establishment of the framework conditions necessary for realising this vision; and
  • Foster exchange and co-operation within the private sector, including knowledge transfer and scientific co-operation necessary to sustain the vision.